I am interested in HCI/UI/UX design and development. I love to prototype innovating ideas and working on project related to humanity and people needs. Currently I am located in Boston.

I got B.S. from Yuan Ze university in Taiwan and moved to United States in 2011. I enjoy in singing, gaming, drawing, designing icons and templates, dancing, cooking, anime and manga.

CharmPI http://www.charmpi.com 2012-2013

CharmPI is a product/service designed to enhance weddings and other activities based on instant photo-sharing and live interactive displays. The photo stream is set up on large, shared displays at the event venue. As users take pictures using smart phones, tablets, or DLSRs, we make all these photos immediately sharable to our server. Therefore, no more wedding photos forever forgotten in cameras; instead, show them off on TV right at the moment!

My role in charmpi include backend server, and web front end work.

Skills: Python, Google app engine, Photoshop

Kidsearchs http://www.kidsearchs.com/ 2011

Kidsearchs is an iOS hybrid app that allows children to learn vocabularies by searching through images.

Skills: Phonegap, Audicity

Wantogo 2011

Wantogo is a facebook app that tell your friend where you want to go in the future, this app can connect where your friends had visit or they are currently living. You can get travel suggestion or find your travel companies from your friend by simply type in your travel destination and share it on your personal wall.

Skills: Python, Google app engine, Photoshop

Lover's cup live 2011

Lover's cup live is a social friendship platform extend from the project Lover's cup from Jackie Chia-Hsun Lee and coop. Lover's cup live provide a channel between lovers, friends and familys members to interact with Lover's cup and get reward by keeping their relationship.

Skills: Python, Google app engine, Flex, Photoshop